Improve your health and life quality

If you want to improve your health and life quality both in the short and long term, you've come to the right place: Most clients start feeling better in their first treatment session. Over the course of several treatments, their energy, life quality, overall health, and resistance to disease usually improve noticeably, too.


Appointments are available on Saturdays at Koruhub’s Health and Wellbeing Centre, 118 The Parade, Island Bay, Wellington.
To make an appointment, contact me on 021 063 1589. If I can’t answer the phone right away, leave a message with your number or send me a TXT with a request for callback.

Shonishin - Paediatric Needle-free “Acupuncture”

Since children respond to much lighter treatment techniques than most adults, they rarely need acupuncture with needles. Shonishin is a non-invasive treatment method that’s based on the same principles as acupuncture and uses small metal tools to stimulate the child’s acupuncture meridians with tapping, rubbing or light pressure. Most kids love it!

Who am I?

My name is Rebecca Erlewein and I have been passionate about using Oriental medicine to help people heal from pain, illness and trauma since 1995. If you want to know more, about me gives you a basic idea of who I am and more information about my studies and my views.

My treatment philosophy

How I view health and disease obviously determines how I approach you and how I work. Here’s an overview of my philosophy and what I strive for when I treat you.


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